Race Info
Name Elves
Kanji エルフ
Romaji Erufu
Realm Guardian Freyr
Source Realm Alfheim
Trait Spell Singer

Elves are one of the many races in Excelsion.

Background[edit | edit source]

Elves are a race of humanoid beings commonly characterized by long, pointed ears and their high musical talent. An elf's Source Realm is Alfheim, and its Realm Guardian is the noble Freyr. They are oftenly referred to as Alvar or Primal Elves to differentiate them from their elven subraces.

All elves possess better vision and hearing than other races, and are light of foot, allowing them to travel long distances without leaving tracks, and often can walk lightly across snow where others would sink.

Subraces[edit | edit source]

  • Storm Elves - Grey Elves. Elven subrace with an affinity to wind. They mostly live in Sidhe.
  • Moon Elves - Silver Elves. Nomadic elven subrace specializing in arcane magic. Their home realm is Evereska.
  • Dark Elves - Brutal and cruel by nature, these elven subrace take residence in Svartalfheim.
  • Sea Elves - These undersea elven subrace are the least tolerant of other races, and are mostly reclusive. Very much like Storm Elves, they have high affinity to music, specializing in the acoustics of watery environments. Their Source Realm is Pontus.
  • Winged Elves - Faeries. The free-spirited, winged elven subrace nearly hunted down to extinction by Dragons. They are led by the Fairy Queen, Titania, and lives in Avalon.

Known Elves[edit | edit source]

  • Freyr - Primary Realm Guardian
  • Medbh - Storm Elves Realm Guardian
  • Mayari - Moon Elves Realm Guardian
  • Hreidmar - Dark Elves Realm Guardian
  • Nereus - Sea Elves Realm Guardian
  • Titania - Winged Elves Realm Guardian

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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