Excelsion is an ongoing original fantasy novel written by RoinelIl and posted in Wattpad. It generally receives an update during the first week of the month, and currently has 7 posted parts, of which 5 are chapters, one is a prologue and one is an author's note.

Setting[edit | edit source]

In Excelsion, countless Realms exist. Some of them are the size of a cupboard, some are much larger than the entirety of the known universe.

Each Realm feeds life. From its Realmspark, it can create life, nurture it. When a creature is born, it carries within that shard of Realmspark that empowers it, and that shard grows as the creature lives. When it dies, the Realmspark returns to the Realm with everything that it grew with, and so the Realm grows.

But the Realms isolated from each other. Contact between beings of different Realms is frequent, and the inhabitants of some Realms see it as their right to rule over beings from Realms they deem lesser. One such case was the clash between the Heavenly and Demonic Realms, both of which struggled to control the Human Realm. After the war, all the Realm Guardians were slain, and a single being rose to rule the three Realms: Chaos.

But Chaos was unable to keep her powers in check, and after struggling in vain with them for a time, she decided to separate her Spark from her body and send it to the cycle of rebirth, forming AKARE.

However, this action had unforeseen consequences. All across the Realms, certain beings were born attached to an something called an Arte. These unfortunate beings, upon certain circumstances, would be excluded from the Cycle of Rebirth, their Sparks forcibly ripped away, thus weakening the Realms they hailed from. These beings were called Fragments.

Eventually, this would end in Realms with Realmsparks so weak they would not foster life. Yet there were those who would not abide this. The Hunters, as they called themselves, were dedicated to the hunt and extermination of Fragments, in order to stop or stall the weakening of the Realms.

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