Factions are existing group in many realms that defines their idealism and purpose after the result of the Chaos Realm War. Clicking each name will direct you to a detailed information each faction represented below.

Fragment The Fragment faction are beings that come into contact with an Arte that awakened their Spark.
Arte The Arte faction are Sparks that were ripped from the Cycle of rebirth and were transformed into an Arte, a weapon with sentience.
Hunter The Hunter faction hunt down Fragments with the order to kill and destroy the Arte they possess.
Neutral The Neutral faction are beings that have no involvement to existing sides.
Sweeper The Sweeper faction are beings that locate Fragments and Artes, reporting it to their Demon leaders.
Tyrant The Tyrant faction are beings that seizes the power of the Arte by force.
Savior The Savior faction are beings that gains the power of the Arte by their approval.

Note[edit | edit source]

The idea of each faction does not always mark them as a group but a classification to where an individual stands to their morals, beliefs, ideals, and power. Cases like Hunters and Sweepers work for one banner and live by sets of rules. Tyrants, Artes, Neutrals, and Fragments go by their own accord in free will of their course of action.

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