Fragment Faction
The Fragment Insignia
Faction Information
Name Fragment Society
Founder AKARE

The 1st Geneation of Artes

Affiliated Factions 25px Arte

25px Savior

Enemy Factions 25px Hunter

25px Tyrant

Date Formation After the Chaos Realm War
Additional Information
Notable Members Roi Noire

Alice de Lucelet
Anna Kuznetsova

The Fragment Society is a faction of beings who come to contact with Artes, artifacts that act as their weaponry, guidance, and awakening of their own Spark.


The first coming of Fragments came to be when being come into contact with AKARE, the first Arte.

When a Fragment dies, the Arte guides them through the transition of becoming an Arte, becoming the later generations. Those who came into contact to them will become a Fragment. This cycle of event repeats itself, thus the production of Fragments bore fruit.

The Cycle of Arte

Becoming a Fragment has nullified you from entering the Cycle of Rebirth in terms of coming to contact with an Arte. Instead, when a Fragment dies, they'd be put into this certain cycle where they'd become Arte themselves.

Fragment Pointers

The Arte page shows the conditions of becoming a Fragment by compatibility, but there are certain factors to where major details aren't recorded.

An Awakened Spark When one being has already an awakened Spark and an Arte came into contact with them as compatible or if a being has reached Rank 4 and their Arte has been freed, their Spark becomes a part of the Fragment faction. But throughout this change of side, no significant change will come to them in terms of power, the only added bonus is that they have their own artifact, creating a Concepts solely based for it if one wishes.
Tyrants The Tyrant faction can be classified as Fragments, as they have created a link between them and the Arte, but in a more forceful means. It only works if the being has already awakened their Spark.
Disband There are certain events where a Fragment and Arte can part their ways if both are willing. But their Spark still remains as a Fragment and if they have Concepts that are based on their Arte, it would be difficult to utilize them fully. As they enter the Cycle of Arte, the transition will be time-consuming without the guidance of their Arte.
Risks Later generations of Arte comes with Risks, a concept where it empowers their Core. Fragments will have access to it, but a penalty comes to light after its usage.


  • The creation of the insignia resembles a fragmented plate.
  • Commonly, Fragments think of their Artes as their parental/guardian figure. The case of Anna calling ALMA different variations of mom.
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