Personal Information
Name Sevarron
Alias Sev
Biographical Information
Age 24 (physical age)
12 (true age)
Height 220cm
Hair Color Cherry Red
Eye Color Bright Violet
Race Homunculus
Spark Information
Source Realm Chaotic Realms Pandemonium
Spark Core 13
Spark Color Transparent Red
Faction 25px Hunter
Rank 2
Grade 2
Racial Trait Resistance
Don't hold it against Sevarron; Sevarron is just doing his job. Which, unfortunately, involves killing those Sevarron is told to kill.
~ Sevarron

Sevarron is a Human-shaped Homunculus made in the Chaotic Realm of Pandemonia, the result of a Demon-worshipper's attempt in making a vessel for a Demon.

Sevarron is currently hunting down Fragments, as they are programmed to do.

Physical Appearance

Sevarron is humanoid in appearance, with the pallor of a corpse. Sevarron stands at a very considerable height, though his lanky build lessens the intimidation factor. Sevarron's red hair is done up in a simple ponytail, though bones are woven into some of the lock as homage to their late creator's beliefs. Sevarron usually wears light clothing; a vest in leather or animal hide, cotton pants and cloth wrapped around their arms and feet.

Sevarron is always seen with a blank face, though that doesn't mean he's emotionless. he simply lacks the muscle control for expressions. Their eyes are a point of discomfort for most; bright violet irises with pure white pupils.

Sevarron is genderless, though they are made closer to the image of a male human and therefore usually referred with male pronouns as well, though Sevarron would also answer to female pronouns.


Sevarron, at their root, is childlike, curious and very impressionable, often copying whomever they are with in terms of mannerisms and movements. Sevarron also has a rather impressive sassy streak a mile wide, and coupled with his default poker face, makes his sassing to be unbearable.

As a Homunculus, Sevarron possesses a 'programming', an order which his whole life is centered, and that is to 'eliminate all Fragments'. Sevarron obeys this programming faithfully and diligently, but they neither like or nor dislike it. They're simply doing their purpose. If met with resistance, Sevarron dispassionately eliminates all obstacles and proceeds to objective, and if the target surrenders peacefully, Sevarron still kills dispassionately.


Sevarron is a Homunculus, a being that is not naturally begotten by any means. Sevarron is originally made without a soul, just a husk, for a Demon to possess and live in, though the Demon that possessed that husk will be bound to the maker of the Homunculus. By unknown reasons, or perhaps an error in his creation, Sevarron is made with a soul, and therefore cannot be used by Demons.

The usual procedure for failed Homunculi are disposal, but Sevarron's creator had instead let them live, giving them a life-long order of eliminating Fragments which serves as Sevarron's reason to continue living.

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