Personal Information
Name Zaj'jrey
Biographical Information
Gender MaleIcon.png Male
Height 1.97 m/6' 5.5" (variable)
Weight 70 kg/154 lb (variable)
Hair Color Ash grey
Eye Color Orange
Race Ash Elemental
Spark Information
Source Realm Elemental Greater Realm - [Redacted]
Spark Core 188
Spark Color Grey (Ash elemental)
Faction 25px Hunter
Rank 2
Grade 2
Excelsior Elemental Influx
Racial Trait Elemental Absorption
Geez, you weren't even a warm up. What a shame.
~ Zaj

Zaj is a character first appearing in chapter 7 of Excelsion. He is an Ash Elemental Hunter.


Zaj's figure is variable, and, as is befitting for an elemental, he can change shape and size at will. He does, however, have a favorite form, where he shapes himself to resemble a male human of great height and thin physique wearing what's best described as casual clothing.


Zaj is visibly sarcastic and nonchalant about anything and everything, and even when he's fighting he can spare the time to come up with a pun if need be. He does, however, take his duty as a Hunter very seriously.

He is slow to anger and quick to forgive, being compassionate to friend and foe alike. But he will not hesitate to bring down fire and flame on those who oppose him, and he derives some pleasure from seeing things burn, whether they be inanimate objects, enemies, or himself.

When under the effects of [Cooldown], however, Zaj becomes noticeably cold hearted and ruthless, and his icy glare pierces through one just as well as his freezing attacks do. There is little he will not do when the ice takes over.


Zaj doesn't usually speak of his background. Whether he pretends he doesn't have one, or he'd rather not talk about it, or he just thinks it's not interesting enough to bring up as a subject. Considering his behavior, however, the most likely thing is that he's just someone who's doing what he pleases. His light hearted behavior even in the face of danger does not quite fit the persona of someone who's had a troubled past. But it's just speculation. All that one can say for sure is that one day, he Awakened, and he decided he'd do more good to the Realms by being a Hunter than just idling around all day. Not that he wouldn't want to, by his own admission.



Concepts and Laws

Hurls heated Ash at target, dealing damage and burning target. Ash consumed based on Spark, Duration based on Spark. Damage based on Heat.

  • (Kernel) Attacks with heated ash.
  • (Kernel) Targets affected by [Embers] take additional heat damage.
  • (Control) [Elemental Influx] increases number of [Embers] per attack
  • (Kernel) Ash seeps into wounds, orifices dealing heat damage
  • (Kernel) Ash can absorb heat from the surrounding, increasing it's damage
  • (Control) Slows target
  • (Control) If [Revenant] is set, [Embers] has a chance to activate it on kill
  • (Control) If [Flare] is set, [Embers] has a chance to activate it on hit
  • (Control) Targets affected by [Embers] Burn.
  • (Control) [Embers] turn the body into ash on kill

Produces a blisteringly hot blade, created from Ash. Ash consumed based on Spark, Duration based on Spark. Damage based on Heat.

  • (Control) Transforms Ash, into a blade.
  • (Kernel) On contact, Ash spreads onto weapons to weaken them
  • (Kernel) Ignores Heat Resistance
  • (Kernel) Absorbs surrounding Heat, increasing damage
  • (Kernel) If broken, Ash can be used to repair the blade
  • (Kernel) On contact, Ash seeps into the eyes of the target, blinding them
  • (Control) Weapon formed by [Blade of Cinders] can be formed at will
  • (Kernel) [Blade of Cinders] can consume additional Ash, dealing Raw Magic damage
  • (Kernel) Increases Resistance of [Blade of Cinders]
  • (Kernel) consuming additional Ash, Heat damage is increased

An elemental's connection to the Ashen Plane, granting various defensive benefits.

  • (Kernel) Improves Regeneration
  • (Control) On Contact, Ash can turn intangible negating part of the damage
  • (Control) Ash absorbs part of the Heat damage, turning it into healing
  • (Control) The Elementals immense inner heat dispels magical darkness
  • (Control) Zaj's connection to his Ash is harder to severe
  • (Control) Ash can absorb non-Elemental Force attacks
  • (Kernel) Vitality is increased
  • (Control) Slow effects are easier to resist
  • (Control) Zaj is able to gain sustenance from Ash
  • (Control) Bodyparts can become impervious to attacks when they are focused as a target

Heats a part of the Elementals body. Duration based on Spark, damage based on Heat.

  • (Control) Part of Zaj's body starts burning fiercely, generating Heat.
  • (Kernel) Based on Heat, damage is dealt.
  • (Kernel) After dealing damage with [Flare], the body part turns to stone increasing Defense
  • (Control) [Flare]'s flames cannot be extinguished
  • (Kernel) [Flare] grows hotter the longer it's activated
  • (Kernel) Area of effect is increased
  • (Control) Can blind enemies that stare at [Flare]
  • (Control) [Flare] Can trigger if any part of Zaj's body is hot enough
  • (Kernel) Damage inflicted on a body part afflicted by [Flare] regenerates
  • (Control) Nearby inert Ash can be ignited

Summons a Largr to fight for the Elemental. Stats based on Owners, Ash consumed based on Spark. Duration based on Spark.

  • (Control) Summons a minion from inert Ash.
  • (Control) [Ashen Soul] affects [Burning Companion]
  • (Control) Upon the Largr's death, [Burning Companion] can trigger if there is enough Ash in the vicinity
  • (Kernel) On death, Largr explodes dealing Heat damage
  • (Control) [Flare] can be used by [Burning Companion]
  • (Kernel) Largr can be sacrificed to heal based on it's ash remaining
  • (Kernel) Largr increases Elemental Damage for Zaj
  • (Control) Attacks by [Burning Companion] produce small amounts of Ash
  • (Control) When Zaj activates [Cooldown], the Larger shares it's effects too
  • (Control) [Burning Companion] can eat Heat sources to heal itself

Reanimates a corpse, by consuming Ash from it's surroundings. Stats based on the Corpse, Ash consumed based on Corpse Spark, Duration based on Summoners Spark.

  • (Control) Reanimates a body by consuming Ash from it's vicinity
  • (Control) [Revenant] can use their own Ash to cast Concepts set by Zaj
  • (Control) [Revenant] can pass from corpse to Corpse
  • (Control) [Revenant] burns corpses that were used by it to Ash
  • (Kernel) [Revenant] grow stronger as their numbers increase.
  • (Kernel) [Revenant] increase the MEN of Zaj
  • (Kernel) [Revenant] attacks decreases enemy Heat Resistance
  • (Kernel) Any [Revenant] striking Zaj's attackers deal additional Heat damage
  • (Kernel) By consuming Ash [Revenant] can recover itself
  • (Kernel) Zaj's Spark is increased for the purpose of creating a [Revenant]

Zaj cools himself down explosively, switching his affinity from Heat to Cold. The strength of the Cold matches the original strength of Heat upon conversion and until [Cooldown] lasts. Duration is based on Spark.

  • (Control) Replaces Zaj's affinity of Heat that of Cold
  • (Kernel) Activating [Cooldown] will release a wave of energy that slows enemies
  • (Kernel) During [Cooldown] Cold will empower Zaj
  • (Kernel) Zaj is covered in a thin coat of frozen Ash, increasing VIT
  • (Kernel) Activating [Cooldown] will release Frost Shards
  • (Control) Slows enemies, but they will also take less damage
  • (Kernel) Enemies that are affected by Heated Ash, take additional Cold damage when struck by frozen Ash
  • (Control) Ash on contact with Zaj will be frozen solid
  • (Control) Increases the duration of [Cooldown], in turn slows down Zaj
  • (Control) Upon taking a set amount of damage, [Cooldown] activates when set and recovers part of the damage

Summons a geyser of Ash. Duration is based on Spark

  • (Control) Creates an Ashen Geyser at target location
  • (Control) Eruption under an enemy can launch them into the air
  • (Control) Additional Geysers may be created based on Spark
  • (Control) Geyser only affects enemies
  • (Control) Reduces cooldown of other Concepts, when they are set and their targets are hit by [Ash Splash]
  • (Control) Increases Area of Effect of Geysers
  • (Control) Geysers form an Ash Storm from nearby ash, reducing visibility
  • (Kernel) When [Ash Splash] hits an enemy affected by [Embers] the Geyser can ignite dealing Heat damage.
  • (Control) When [Ash Splash] ends, hardened chunks of Ash fall on the surroundings
  • (Control) Further enhances number of Geysers summoned

Zaj's body breaks down into ash for a short while, afterwards it'll reform. Duration based on Spark

  • (Control) The Elemental's body breaks down into Ash for a while.
  • (Control) At the cost of turning inactive, reduces damage greatly
  • (Control) Triggers [Ash Splash] when it's set along with [Rest Ashured] when it's executed
  • (Kernel) Heals the Elemental when [Rest Ashured] ends
  • (Kernel) [Burning Companion] grows stronger while [Rest Ashured] is active
  • (Control) Increases duration of [Rest Ashured]
  • (Control) Reduces the efficiency of abilities that target the Elemental during [Rest Ashured]
  • (Control) At an increased cost, The Elemental can use abilities that do not affect him during [Rest Ashured]
  • (Kernel) [Rest Ashured] can be activated when taking major damage and it's activation speed is enhanced
  • (Kernel) The Elementals Ash is heated, damaging enemies who come into contact with them during [Rest Ashured]

Allows Zaj to change his shape and size at will, enabling to absorb Ash from his surroundings. Taking a form unsuited for him does affect his mentality in return and causes unrest for the Elemental.

  • (Control) Allows the Elemental to absorb Ash and increase his size and mass
  • (Control) Density of a specific body part can be adjusted at will
  • (Volume) When the Elemental reaches maximum mass, the excess is shed in form of heat waves
  • (Control) The strength of the heat waves can be adjusted
  • (Control) Allows Zaj to shapeshift at will, but taking a non humanoid form causes him nausea
  • (Control) Ash that is to be shed because it would exceed the mass limit of Zaj, can be used to fuel his other Concepts.
  • (Control) Ash absorption is automatic as long Zaj is below his total mass limit
  • (Control) Zaj is able to trap objects inside his body if he increases density of said part, however it causes great uncomfort and taxes him mentally
  • (Control) Zaj is able to store small items inside of himself by rearranging the interior of his own body
  • (Control) Zaj is able to reform lost body parts from his pool of Ash


Attributes Elemental Initial Rank 1 Rank 2
STR 10+2 14 30 90
DEX 6+0 7 11 26
VIT 11+3 16.5 38.5 121
SOL 17+3 22.5 44.5 127
WIS 7+2 11 27 87
MIN 9+2 13 29 89

Stats Initial Rank 1 Rank 2
Power 3.74 5.48 9.49
Endurance 4.06 6.2 11
Force 4.74 6.67 11.27
Resist 3.61 5.93 9.43
Control 3.32 5.2 9.33
Speed 36.75 46.06 70.82
Health 144 760 7,381
Fatigue 66 378 3,828
Spark Volume 272 368 728
Spark Control 16.49 19.18 26.98
Regeneration 1.2 6.34 61.51
Recovery 0.55 3.15 31.9




  • His tendency to utter puns at the worst time is useful for getting on his opponent's nerves, though it's also landed him in trouble a fair amount of times.
  • His ability to change his basic domain from ash to ice, however briefly, suggest he might be capable of unlocking other forms.
  • Zaj does not eat, or breathe, or indeed have any biological need as humans understand it: he simply derives all sustenance from consuming Ash. Due to his ability to create ash at will, whenever and wherever he feels like it, he is effectively 100% self-sufficient in whatever environment he finds himself in.
    • Each place's ash "tastes" differently to Zaj, and he finds at least some amusement in comparing it to the ash of other Realms.
  • Related to the point above, Zaj is not alive in the traditional sense of the word. He is animated by magic rather than biological functions, and his body is not internally differentiated.
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